certain pain

by Di
(Dubbo Australia)

Hi Sarah, I have a bad back and most of the time am often in some pain or discomfort. My question is this, I often get hot needle like stabbing pain in different places in my back. What could this possibly be.

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May 16, 2013
stabbing pains
by: Anonymous

Hello Di,
Sorry for delay.
Needle-like or stabbing pains are indicative of muscle spasm.
The typical pain can also be described at 'twingey' and it is thought to be caused by the build-up of chemical metabolic products in the tissues caused by the muscles be switched on and clenched all the time (Muscles are meant to work hard and then switch off and have rest periods where it's then easier - with the muscles more floppy, soft and relaxed - to get the blood through to clear out the waste products and to deliver fresh new nutrients.
There can be 'other' reasons too to get the stabbing pains, caused by the muscles grabbing when you go to move, if they are too protective in 'muscle clench' or otherwise known as 'spasm'. They (the muscles) sort of don't know that they are not welcome at the party and whenever you go to move, the tug you to a halt. Both types of pain need special effort to get the muscles to lie down. You can do this chemically through horror-of-horrors the drug Valium (under strict guidance from your GP because it is more addictive than morphine) but you are better doing it physically through the spinal appeasing exercises, the link of which is here on the www.simplebackpain.com site.
See http://www.simplebackpain.com/howtorelievebackpain.html#axzz2TC1ykLSc

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