Can you get Instability from Disc Prolapse?

by Chris

Hi Sarah

Is it possible for a sufferer to overcome mild instability brought on from a herniated L5/S1 disc so that they are no longer in constant pain?

Would appreciate your thoughts.



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Feb 04, 2013
disc prolapse and instability
by: Sarah says

HI Chris
Sarah here. I realise I have phrased the question a bit skewed. (For all of you, Chris wrote me a private email and I responded telling him that I only answer questions now 'publicly' in Ask Sarah function.)
First of all, are you sure you have instability, Chris? I ask you this because instability does not give you 'constant pain' - or that is not its over-riding feature. With instability you get a crippling 'painful arch' as you bend forward. If severe the back goes rigid and you often have leg pain. The routine you would follow is starting to switch multifidus on as in the bottom waggling exercise. (Please note: this is a recently developed exercise, so does not feature in any of my books yet. It involves lying on your tummy on the loor, pillow under the tummy, and gently - almost mindlessly - waggling or shaking the hips from left to right. (We did real time ultrasound studies and this exercise gave us the most effective multifidus recruitment)).
If you had a true disc prolapse then yes, you are left with a disc of reduced pressure as the disc has literally lost its stuffing and this can over the long term usher in instability. Read Chapter 6 in Back Sufferers' Bible, as well as my warning that these backs should not be manipulated as it is the surest way to develop instability from a problem spinal link. The 'knees rocking' the 'reverse curl ups' and 'spinal rolling' are the important first bases exercise again here.

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