Can I get better?

by Terri jones
(Glen Huon 7109)

Hi Sarah, I bought your book a week ago, doing the exercises. I have degenerative disc changes most pronounced at L5/S1 with associated mild retrolisthesis and disc osteophyte complex bulge. Probable flattening of bilateraltraversing S1 nerve root in the lateral recesses. I have been in bed for 11 weeks now, I am fine when I lie down, but in agony down my right leg when I stand or walk. I had stayed in bed with my husband for nearly 2 yrs to keep in company , he has CHF, he recently got a bilateral pacemaker and is now fine. After reading your book I realized I have compressed my spine, I had done pilates & weights in the years before my husband got sick, so I felt I was ok. I am sixty, but a young sixty, I move fine, not very overweight, I am on NSAID 's plus OxyContin plus endone when it's bad, I feel like there's a pinch in my right buttock, I can't roll on the pinch, very tender. I am so over being in pain, I can't see a pain free future at the moment. I cannot bear weight on my lower back any more but it's no longer numb, I am starting to think this is permanent . My question is does anyone not get better? Or is there hope for everyone? Thank you for your time, cheers Terri Jones

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Dec 05, 2013
about getting better
by: Anonymous

Goodness me! No greater love hath the woman who stays in bed for 2 years to keep the hubbie company. In short, good for the marriage. bad for the back!
Discs need the stimulation of dynamic gravitational forces to keep them metabolising and able to carry out maintenance and repairs. In fact, researchers tell us that people confined to be for non-back related problems develop diffuse thinning of their discs.
You have now done the very best thing you could do in having the book at your side to slowly take yourself through the steps to get back on top again.

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