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Back Pain Retreat UK

The next Back-in-a-Night-or-Two at Hotel Tresanton is 

the week beginning 21st May 2023

NOTE: Sarah is 'in residence' at Hotel Tresanton from Sunday to Friday of this week. There is an intake of patients for two nights on Sunday 21st and another intake on Wednesday 24th.

You only have to ask.

Contact Karen, the hotel manager on 

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Two nights at Hotel Tresanton is something special.
What with the countryside, the seascape, the hotel and the food, Sarah hopes to make it an experience you will never forget. 

During the back retreat Sarah delivers a lecture constructed around the spinal problems of her guests (a maximum of four). This is a unique feature Sarah's programs, making it easy to understand your back and what needs to be done to fix it. 

You will learn some of the fascinating science about the spine and the way it works. 
You will also learn how to get yourself better. 

While you are waiting for the Back-in-a-Night-or-Two it's a great idea to get started on self-treatment by downloading Sarah on video. See the back pain treatment video packages here. 

Individual appointments can be made with Sarah Key while she's at the hotel.
Patients who have seen Sarah in the past can come back to Hotel Tresanton for Back-Top-Ups.  

At dawn, Falmouth Bay is like a mill pond, sometimes!

Tresanton has an understated elegance. (Remember it's not for nothing Conde Nast keeps voting it the best boutique hotel in England.) 

Read more in this extract from an article by physiotherapist Daniel Lawrence about Sarah Key's unique back pain retreat in the UK:

"I met Sarah at the exclusive Tresanton Hotel in the historic harbour town of St. Mawes. Sarah was nearing the end of her ‘Back-in-Week’ residential course for back pain sufferers. A small group of people had travelled from across the country to spend a relaxing week receiving treatment, attending classes and enjoying excellent hotel service.

As a well-travelled Australian, Sarah chose Tresanton as her destination of choice because she believes it is 'the best hotel in England'.  As one of the most famous hotels in the southwest Tresanton’s Mediterranean garden terrace offers picturesque views of Falmouth Bay, St. Anthony’s lighthouse and the surrounding countryside. Perhaps two of the most unique features are the private yacht for hire and the valet parking when you arrive and I’m sure they would arrange a red carpet if you really wanted to push the boat out. Next to the Tresanton sits a beautiful and historic castle, although its undeniably small size the castle is perfectly formed and standing strong on the headland since it was commissioned by King Henry VIII in 1538 as a response to Spanish and French invasion attempts in Falmouth Bay. Built as a sea defence castle the fortress was embarrassingly inept at land defence and its inhabitants had to surrender during the civil war in 1646. The castle now attracts tourists from across the country and serves as a popular wedding venue for those who don’t mind its association with Henry the VII.

While at Tresanton to have your back fixed, you're also on a seaside holiday;
a holiday to remember

The hotel yacht, Pinuccia, is moored in the bay

Arranging this interview involved many exchanges with Sarah’s staff and until the day of the arranged meeting I had not directly communicated with Sarah. Far from being self important, Sarah is undoubtedly one of the most charming, insightful and inspiring people I have met. After a lifetime of learning and developing her methods I hope she is able expand her teachings as far and wide as possible and to leave a positive stamp on the chronicles of back pain."

The dining room at Hotel Tresanton is the nearest thing to being on an ocean liner, except much nicer!

How Much . . . ?

See here for Sarah's Fees and Inclusions

Getting there . . . 

You can get to Tresanton by air rail and road

Booking a place now . . .

Places are limited so we suggest you contact Karen Baxter without delay on 01326 270 055 or by email on


Those bedrooms again . . . .

The local dinghies in the village of St Mawes

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