BackBlock Dimensions and BackBlock vs. Traditional Cork Yoga Block

by madeleine
(United States)

Hi Sarah,

Could you please tell me the dimensions and thickness of your BackBlock as well as how it differs from a traditional cork yoga block?
I suffer from severe Scoliosis, Spinal Stenosis, Sacroiliac Joint Disease and 2 Herniated Discs (5mm & 7mm)

Many thanks for your help and great work!

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Apr 23, 2014
a vertible back cocktail !
by: Sarah says

Hello Madelaine,
The dimensions of the BackBlock are 7 cm by 14 cm by 21 cm. I do not usually recommend people making their own because it is too easy to forget the critical 3 steps of the BB regime and then get into trouble. The instructions for the three steps up plastered all over my block. Even people who have been to see me in Sydney or London or at one of my 'Back-in-a-Week' intensive therapy programs can forget and get into trouble by not doing the regime properly. Basically, if you do the BackBlock without doing the knees rocking and then the lower abdominal strengthening your left sore. Then you're likely to think that the BackBlock made you worse. So yes, but all means make your own but do make sure that you don't leave yourself open. The cork Block and the plastic BackBlock are no different, Except that the plastic version is open on one side so that you can stuff your socks and jocks into it for when you go travelling, without taking up too much space in your suitcase.

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