back pain results in left leg and hand numbness

hi sarah,

i have been seeing several gps with my back pain - its mostly centered in middle to lower back, its like someone was pulling niddles inside my back, which very often ends up with me on the floor waiting till i can stand up - the pain is coming back more and more often now - i am attending physio, but so far so bad - please advise, i can give more details on it, do you think that the accident i had on my bike year ad half ago - when i collapsed straight on by back could cause some nerves damaged - for now my muscels are spasmatic and they trying to strenght them up... i just want to have normal life, with no suprising attacks of the pain - i have not been given a chance to do any rentgens or scans neither,and i am lost - when pain comes i cannot sleep walk work - it affects my life, please advice.



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Oct 10, 2013
pain after coming off bike
by: Sarah

Hello Paulina,
You sound frantic and you need to calm down and get this seen to properly. It is highly likely that the fall off your bike flat onto your back would have jarred things in your spine and that you are feeling the effects of this still today. After trauma such as this the spinal segments tend to stay jammed together because of the protective muscle response and it is important that you do something to get things undone. This usually means proper careful spinal mobilisation using the hands-on and the best thing you can do is try and find a good manual therapist in your area to do this. Failing that, you are gentle massage will help ease things apart. You sound in too much alarm you and you too anxious yourself to have the spine manipulated by a chiropractor or osteopath. There are many ways to approach this yourself – one of the best being therapeutic Yoga. You should also go to my www.simple backpain website and read about spinal appeasing exercises since this is not the time – repeat not – for spinal strengthening exercises. There is masses to read in this website and I thoroughly recommend you do. However the main one is doing spinal rolling in the spinal appeasing regime

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