Back injury

I have sustained a back injury. The diagnosis is:
1. Moderately large, right L4/L5 disc extrusion impinging upon the right L5 nerve root.
2. Marked L5/S1 neuroforaminal narrowing bordering on stenosis.small disc annular disruption is also present at this level.
3. moderate bilateral L3/L4 exit neuroforaminal narrowing without stablished stenosis.

I am a 52 year old male. I have been unable to sit for any length of time for one month. I have had the injury 2 months.
Thank you for your time.

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Dec 05, 2013
annular disruption and the trouble with sitting if you have a bad back
by: Sarah

Hello No Name,
You can read about the most common form of low back pain called non-specific low back pain and how it is caused. Other problems, such as disc bulging and facet engorgement causing semi-stenosis symptoms are the follow on sequelae of this original problem.
A good start is to get going on your own self-help exercises in decompressing the spinal segments.
Here are a couple of pages you can read too about sitting when you have a bad back

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