Back block and osteoporosis

Hi Sarah, I note that you caution against the use of the back block by anyone with osteoporosis. Please can you elaborate and explain why and what the dangers are? Thank you

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May 06, 2014
Osteoporosis and the Back Block
by: Sarah says

I have to admit that the caution against using the BackBlock for osteoporotics is me succumbing to the litigous climate of modern medicine!! Because, it is not what I think at all that you should not using the BackBlock if you are osteporotic. BEar with me, with my feet as clay. Indeed, it is one of the best things you can do but don't sue me here! The reason it is so good is that bone is really like very dense sponge and if you suck the sponge apart it draws in nutrients and minerals. Over time this makes the vertebrae of your spine much more plastic and compliant as opposed to brittle and fragile, even though you may indeed be more sore in the short term. You can do the BackBlock for your thoracic and lumbar spine basically treating your spine as if it were normal. What is particularly valuable is the stretching of end of range movements, such as you get when you go to a yoga Therapy Class. This is the best thing for you of all. I hope I don't sound contradictory or even hypocritical but there you have it.

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