Introducing Sarah key's revolutionary app for back care . . . .  'The Back App'

First-aid for your back from an iPhone app

'The Back App' has it all in a nutshell. For those of you suffering at both ends of the spectrum – in extremis with acute and crippling pain, or plagued for years by a nagging backache – you absolutely must see this revolutionary new app for back care.


Through expert video coaching, this app for back care teaches you how to fix your own lower back pain

Forty years of know-how and experience in one tiny app! The official Sarah Key MVO 'Back App' takes you through the following series of short and naturally crafted videos, designed to help you understand and deal with your back pain. In another first, it also shows you how to use your owns fingers on your back!

1. Why your back might be painful
2. Getting yourself out of pain – essential appeasing exercises
3. Getting yourself out of pain – your mind matters!
4. Getting yourself out of pain – what you can do ‘hands on’
5. Starting on more active recovery – bending and moving normally again
6. Starting on more active recovery – decompressing your spine using a BackBlock



You may not have the time, nor the inclination, to read my books (there are four: Back in Action, Body in Action, Back Sufferers’ Bible and Back Sufferers’ Pocket Guide). 'The Back App' quickly puts everything at your fingertips so you can understand – easily – and then do stuff yourself. In addition to showing you there-and-then what to do if you're in crisis, I show you maintenance or therapeutic exercises based on simple practical science, to get you improving overall - to get you out of this bad back territory. I also talk to you about what happens when you sit for too long and the good and bad of bending. There's also some really important information about what's going on in your head when you’re in pain and frightened of your back. Even I, as a physical therapist dealing with the physical body (the soma) am completely amazed by the power of the psyche in all this. That head space -or is it heart space? - really packs a punch and you need to know about it!

You can buy "The Back App": the newest app for back care online for hardly anything here at the Apple itunes Store

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If you don't have an iphone or ipad download Sarah's Back Pain Videos here. 

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