A real shock on seeing the CT Scans

(Cairns, QLD. )

Hi Sarah,

I purchased your' Back Sufferers Bible' several years ago and just following the basic excercises has given me great relief, a definite investment. Unfortunately over the years my back has deteriorated and viewing the recent CT Scans was a shock to the system. Some of the comments were:

1. Rotation of the spine with right lateralesthesis of L2 ON L3 with disc bulge.

2. Broad based posterior disc protrusion flattening the thecal sack with Facet joint arthropy on the right at L4/L5.

3. Annular disc bulge at L5/S1.

4. Acute curvature of the spine to the left at L3.

I had a major r/h ankle injury during my Army service years ago and have always maintained a level of fitness, probably pushing the limits over the years.

Other reports from Physios have been my Pelvis is out of alignment, probably due to favouring your damaged ankle coming down hills, mountains etc.

Can you please advise on some basic excercises that will help.

I'm a 53 year old male.

Kind regards


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May 20, 2013
Speedy response
by: Anonymous

Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for your speedy response to my e-mail, it was a great relief to receive the feedback in so short a time. I currently work in Law Enforcement and spend long hours on my feet also trying to maintain a level of fitness, so it's managing the pain and discomfort which is becoming more frequent. I've found re-hydration plays a big part in this.

I've taken some Leave and I've returned to doing the basic excercises again (how easy it is to forget) and once again have had results, truly amazing...Thank you once again for the 'Bible"



May 17, 2013
your back
by: Sarah

Dont be too alarmed.
Your scans aren't that bad. They really are not.
Yes, you have a slight scoliosis (read the new post of www.simplebackpain.com --- here is the link: http://www.simplebackpain.com/spinal-scoliosis.html#axzz2TC1ykLSc
But the observations by the radiologist here is pretty standard and NOT necessarily pain-making.
I have a lot to say about 'treating the patient, not the pictures' and I talk at length about this throughout the site mentioned above.
Read what I say about scans (and pathology) only having a very indirect link to pain. So, within reason, ignore the scans and keep up your very good regime. Your confidence has been dashed and you need to get it back.
As a matter of interest I broke my back (transverse processes) nearly 20 years ago falling off my horse (I was gardening within the week). But I too was rather aghast to see the X-ray and the poor state of my hips from the years of being a jogger. I have often wished I hadn't seen them. But I still do not have a twinge from my hips. Remember, scans are an indication, not a holy tablet.

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