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Sarah's son Harry's new book
October 23, 2013
Hello, me again

A great new book!

OK, let's establish the first fact: I'm biased (as proud Mum, who wouldn't be?). But 'Speak for Yourself' (by Harry Key) is a really excellent read.

It goes right to the heart of voice as the centre of who you are. It's full of obvious-once-it's-pointed-out stuff about psychology and the invisible, animal kingdom cues that we humans instantaneously process when we first meet, and when we're in a group. It's all about presence and 'being listened rather than just heard when you speak'. After all, who hasn't had the horrible experience of talking and realising you've lost them and they've turning away?! Voice and presence are inextricably linked.

You can click here to see it on Amazon Speak for Yourself

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