Sarah Key's Back-in-a-Week at Fernleigh is an intensive spinal therapy program held in the hill country of the Upper Hunter Valley. Fernleigh is a rural grazing property raising grass fed beef and fine wool merinos.  

Numbers are strictly limited to 6 people per program at the Back-in-a-Week so it's well to book early. Spouses and partners can accompany you to Fernleigh - and sit in on the lectures - even though they are not having treatment.

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the clinical part

Understanding is the heart of the matter; a big part of getting better. Sarah takes particular care in explaining what's going on at individual spinal segments. She makes the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine so very simple. You'll wonder how you never knew!

“I have never met such a consummate professional, caring and most importantly someone who knows what she is doing. I've had surgery, chiropractic, osteopathy, physio, spine care machines, acupuncture. rolfing, sugar injections, years of exercise etc. Each comes with a story and a large price tag. Finally, Sarah has a solution - simple and effective.”
Carmel, UK 2006

Sarah will look at your scans and take down the history of your spinal problem. She also uses her hands to palpate your spine and to help with the clinical reasoning of your case.

the comfort and luxury part



Please see below for short stays at Fernleigh in 2020:

18th – 20th March  

22nd - 24th April  

29th - 31st July 

26th - 28th August

23rd - 25th September

14th – 16th October 

4th - 6th November 

9th – 11th December

For further enquiries, please call Ruve Singh on (0408) 960520 
or email at

Group bookings of 4 or more patients staying over 2 nights will receive a 10% discount.  Conditions apply.  

Creature comforts are a big part of all Sarah Key's Health Vacations. The beds at Fernleigh feel as if you're sleeping on a cloud. The lectures at the Back-in-a-Week will explain exactly why the different loading pressures through your spine are so important. 'It makes sense' is a frequent comment.

We don't exactly kill you with cakes at Fernleigh. But there's fresh baking every day.
Food is another high priority. Almost Priority A alongside your back. Definitely not Priority B. 

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experiences of Back-in-a-Week

Like most parts of The Outback, Fernleigh has warm to hot days and cool, sometimes freezing nights, as this frost testifies (although this photo was taken in July!). So, always bring your warm woollies with you - even in summer. 



See below for the final BIAW dates in 2019:

9th - 13th December 

For further enquiries, please call Ruve Singh on (0408) 960520
or email at

Costs and Inclusions . . .

There are various prices for the program, depending on the room occupancy. We can accommodate both single occupancy and double occupancy arrangements. In the case of double occupancy, either when both guests are in the Back-in-a-Week program and also where one only is participating. 

See the rates for Back-in-a-Week

Getting there . . .

Click here to read the various ways of getting to Fernleigh. Driving instructions can be sent when the booking has been paid for. 

booking and paying now . . . 

See To do a Back-in-a-Week with Sarah Key at 'Fernleigh' 

Or, you can email Ruve Singh at to make further enquiries. 

Essential facts Sheet . . .

Click here to read the Essential Facts Sheet about Fernleigh

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“Consistently you will hear the same thing from participants -

“changed my life”,

“at last, a diagnosis.. some hope, something positive I can do to get better,”

“wonderful environment, atmosphere, friendly, caring, supportive staff.”

And they’re all true- especially the relief that people feel at finally finding an approach that works and validates their experiences of all those other ‘dead ends’. Even though there is no magic quick fix,’ all theses superlatives still only partially convey the power of their experience and the gentle sense of healing conveyed by Sarah Key.”

Ros, Tasmania, September, 2008