Sarah key uses feet to mobilise spines

Sarah Key uses feet to mobilise spines. She believes that hands are precious diagnostic tools, whereas feet are 'broader and kinder' and better suited to therapeutics. The delicate enquiring touch of probing fingers tends to be blunted by the much more forceful pressures needed to mobilise a jammed and partly fibrosed spinal segment. Feet are better. 

The forces delivered by feet are gentler, even though they're much stronger and more penetrating into the spinal machinery. Mobilisation delivered by the feet is also easier for the therapist. Sarah Key says it is surprising how quickly a therapist with good 'feel' with her hands adapt to using the feet.

Feet are ideal for spinal mobilising techniques that require over-pressure at the end of range. Using body weight and leverage, it is possible to generate highly effective forces, thus prolonging the working life of therapists. At the same time, direct spinal pressures with the heel create a typically agreeable 'sweet pain' that provokes the characteristic endorphin response from the brain (post-treatment euphoria). 

See Sarah Key's Problem Back Masterclasses, the physiotherapy courses specialising in teaching using the feet to mobilise spines 

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