Single occupancy  GBP3,700 

Double occupancy (with only one of the couple taking part) GBP4,100


  • Spinal mobilisation treatment 
  • Daily 'spinal decompression' exercise class 
  • Lectures on the science of backs
  • Sanctioned rest periods
  • Individual Powerpoint presentations on each patient’s condition
  • A thorough explanation of your condition
  • Strategies on the way forward
  • Lectures on factors that influence your back, such as bending, sitting - and fear!
  • Non-patient partners/spouses may join the group for lectures
  • Print-outs of all lectures
  • A blue plastic 'travelling' BackBlock 
  • One of Sarah’s books of your choice
  • An exercise regime to take home
  • Breakfast, light lunch, dinner, morning coffee
  • Non-patient partners join the group for morning coffee 
  • Transport to and from hotel not included
  • Alcohol not included

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