menu of musculo-skeletal disorders

Most musculo-skeletal disorders are reversible if you understand how. And the good news is that if you understand what's going on you can do most of the treatment yourself. 

Below is a list of conditions that are our common problems, with a brief insight into what goes wrong and what needs doing to put things right. For more detailed information, see the book Body In Action. The ideal approach is coming to see us first at Sarah Key Physiotherapy Sydney to kick-start the process of recovery.

Elbow Problems Read these simple exercises for tennis elbow and fix yourself quicker then any physiotherapy clinic! 

With many of the surgical procedures for shoulders focusing on simplistic notions of 'repair' it's ever more important to know the important Shoulder Physiotherapy Exercises

Shoulder ProblemsOn this page you can read all about the complexities of the shoulder/neck story and how the shoulder becomes a problem in its own right. 

Shoulder Physiotherapy is also about posture. See here how the two are related 

Neck Problems In these pages you can read all about neck problems, the wide variety of symptoms emanating from neck trouble, plus the first basics of self treatment.

The 3 Best Hip Rehab Exercises
Although 'total hip replacement' surgery is on the rise preventing hip breakdown is easier than you might think. See 2 short but highly informative YouTube clips here.

Knee Physiotherapy In these pages you can read all about the knee, the way it works, the various knee conditions and the basics of self-treatment.

Read about Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis and watch the YouTube video dedicated to fixing painful feet

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