Essential Facts

The more you know the better for the week:

  • Bring warm woollies for the cold nights, whatever the season
  • Bring loose clothing for exercise classes (track suits with layers!)
  • Bring sturdy walking shoes and slippers in winter
  • Bring the smallest bag possible by packing as little as possible (patients usually leave having used very little) to make it easy for you to wrestle with!
  • Bring your own music (& earphones), books and games for your leisure
  • Only limited Internet access from Fernleigh 
  • No mobile access and limited telephone use
  • No petrol/diesel at Fernleigh, so fill up with fuel before you leave the highway
  • (We will email you driving directions once you're all signed up) 
  • We have very limited ability to cope with specific dietary requirements
  • Wines are available for purchase. If you prefer beer, best bring your own
  • Bring any MRI's or X-rays and reports 
  • Bring all your usual medications!
  • Bring all your usual phone & iPad chargers!
  • Check the weather for the upcoming week:
  • For those arriving under their own steam, please don't arrive before 3.30pm on the Monday the BIAW starts 
  • The Fernleigh Hall phone number is 02 65 465156

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