Feel like a mid-week break to fix your back?
Why not do a road trip to the grand landscapes of the high country of the Upper Hunter to spend a night of two with Sarah Key? 

Get out of pain.

Understand your problem.

Get a daily treatment program.

Know why you're doing your exercises.

Know what to do if your back flares up. 

Stop your back dominating your life.

Get your life back!

Back-in-A-Night-Or-Two at Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall, UK

Hotel Tresanton spent its early days as a seafarers' refuge in the times when Falmouth and its wide sheltering bay was one of the busiest ports in the UK. In the 1990s the small rickety dwelling was taken over by the ultimate hotelier, Olga Polizzi, and converted into one of the chicest hotels in Britain. Several times over the last few years it has been voted by Conde Nast as the best boutique hotel in the UK. 

Sarah Key has been taking her patients to this lovely hotel since 2005 and is always there for a week in the Spring. Read all about the the Back-in-a-Night-or-Two at Hotel Tresanton 

or call on (+44) 1326270055‬

Back-in-a-Night-or-Two in New South Wales, Australia

After 30 years in Sydney, Sarah is moving her highly regarded city clinic, renown for top-class treatment of back pain, up to the country annexe of 'Fernleigh' where her Back-in-a-Week spinal retreats have been going since 2005. 


Sarah will be 'in residence' at monthly intervals for these new drop-in sessions. Each overnight stay includes information plus, hands on spinal mobilisation treatment and a spinal decompression class using the famous BackBlock. 
And by the way the food is sensational!

Like your partner to come along too? 

Whether a new or pre-existing patient of Sarah's, Ruve Singh, who coordinates all Fernleigh appointments, will give you all the information you need. 


Ruve Singh 

(0408) 960 520 

(she will call you straight back)

In this unique country-Australia setting on a working rural property you will experience a unique spinal treatment opportunity; two days that change your life. 

make Next Month The Month to get rid of your Pain!



See below for Short Stays during 2019 

21st - 23rd August 

18th - 20th September 

13th - 15th November 

11th - 13th December 

For further details, please contact Ruve Singh 

T: (0408) 960520, E:

Group bookings of 4 or more patients staying over 2 nights will receive a 10% discount. Conditions apply.  

Bookings, Dates and Prices

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