3 level prominent cervical disc bulge

Hi Sarah, my name is Nicole from Sydney. I am 32yrs old & have 3 young children. I'm not quite sure when my injury occurred but this is how it began for me....in April I had some wrist weakness, I had just finished breastfeeding & increased my weight training, so put it done to that. Then the pain moved to elbow & forearm area, like a tendonitis pain. Then through my biceps & shoulder area with pins & needles of a night time through most fingers. The neck was probably the least bothersome, except for first thing in the morning, when it was very stiff & sore. Eventually I had an MRI, which showed prominent disc bulge C4-c7 & an annular tear at C5.

I have just finished reading over your 'back sufferers bible' & found it very interesting but nothing really focusing on the cervical spine. Do you have any suggestions on exercises I can do myself & a realistic recovery time? I have now had 3 weeks off from all training. The pain has improved but only by about 20%. My arm pain is the most aggravating & painful part.

Thank you so much for your time & help, I really value your expertise,

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Oct 23, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for responding to my question. I picked up ''the body in action' yesterday. As silly as it seems, it actually made me cry...I think I was relieved that someone finally understands the pain I am experiencing! I have made an appt to come into your clinic next week. Thank you,

Oct 17, 2013
neck and arm pain
by: Sarah

Hello Nicole,
The book for you of mine is Body in Action although this sounds like a bit of a plug! This book has a special section on the Cervical spine, apart from other important areas such as the the Thoracic spine and the Shoulder. It sounds to me as if you have inflamed a few of the joints in your neck and the muscles have gone into protective mode. This is not only causes the cerviacl facet joints themselves to swell which refers pain into the arm but the muscle-clench feeds back and makes the discs bulge. The bulge itself is an 'effect' or result, rather than a primary entity.
You might like to read this section on neck and shoulder and some more stuff specific to neck problems.
I really do think however that you need some careful mobilisation of your cervical spine joints as well to relieve the jamming and dissipate the swelling. It goes without saying that we would be delighted to see you at Key Physiotherapy. Being a local girl, you can book at the front of this website.
See here for booking direct.
Meanwhile, stay away from the gym!

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