23 and IN PAIN

by Lew


I'm 23, male, fit but have had lower back pain for coming on a year.
After scans, a 5cm by 3.6cm by 4.4cm Tarlov Cyst was found in my sacrum. After specialist appointments with Neurosurgeons I was advised this was not causing the pain. MRI Scan showed slight degeneration of disc at L4 and I have had conflicting comments that maybe this could be causing pain. Reluctant to have the investigation tests to see if this is the case and then surgery of spinal fusion or disc replacement.
Four months off work doing Iyengar yoga and exercise has helped alot however back at work now full-time sitting all day and pain levels creeping up and up. On Tramadol medication, Osteopath leaves me in alot of pain for days after.
Been reading your The Body in Action book and this has lead me to your website. Unfortunately based in Brisbane so cant visit you.
Pain is in whole trunk from buttocks to upper spine, muscles feel like they are in spasm and sitting is the thing that triggers the pain definitely. No pain in legs or pins and needles. Swimming helps, time poor and pain is tiring.
Any ideas please......................

Ps is it ok to put the back block under my sacrum with this cyst do you think?

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Apr 23, 2014
quite bad pain at 23 years old
by: Sarah says

Hello Lew,
MRIs tend to highlight anomalies in the spine (and in your case) pelvis that are there but (usually) have nothing to do with the pain. They are renowned for this and all too often, lead to knife-happy surgeons going in. I'm glad your neurosurgeon was not like this and put your mind at ease that the cyst is probably nothing to do with the pain. However it does sound as if your back is a little bit of over-cooked! Iyengar yoga, though excellent, can make things all a bit jangly and keep the spinal muscles switching on too much and I think you need to calm everything down. You may even need to go on medication short term, to settle things and start again. Read also the chapter on sitting. See back pain with sitting.
Have a look at the list of short videos that you can download because it strikes me if you understand things fully, you will be to get on top of this yourself.

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