20 yo female bulging discs L4-5 L5-S1

by Cassie Healey
(Camden, NSW, Australia)

Hi Sarah

I have been experiencing chronic back pain for approx 2 years, in this time I had started weightlifting and had a fall in the shower that resulted in fractured coccyx.

Today I received results from CT scan and this confirmed bulging discs and degenerations. I would like to speak with someone whom may be able to help me manage this condition as the symptoms caused are extremely debilitating.

I hope to receive your services soon.

Kind regards,


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Jun 12, 2013
bulging discs at L4-5 and L5-S1
by: Anonymous

You may know from perusing my websites, particularly www.simplebackpain.com that i talk about the forces of compression which bunch the vertical spine down and cause the discs to bulge. We now know that discs are mean to bulge somewhat since they are shock absorbers. But even major bulges (known as prolapses) can occur and cause you no ill-effect or pain. So what I am saying is don't be too concerned about the bulges. The two combined factors of weightlifting and falling in the shower and fracturing the tailbone will be enough (though for different reasons) to compress your spine through muscle effort alone. What you have to do is your own spinal appeasing exercises to relieve low back pain.
Go to this link and read about it
how to relieve back pain with exercise
Or you can go to this link of the Products and download a short video about how to relieve back pain:
exercises to appease a spine in crisis
After you have got your spine to calm down you need to actively decompress it. Squatting several times a day does this but you will also need to use the BackBlock yourself at home as a home regime of spinal decompression self treatment. This will stop you developing a back problem.
Hope this helps Cassie, otherwise, you should come and see one of the physios at my Sydney clinic. In fact, living so close, you prolly should anyway, just to mobilise the spine first to give you a flying start.

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