16 year-old with herniated disc, degeneration of disc, trapped sciatic nerve

Hi Sarah

many years ago my friend Susan Vass suggested that you would be the person to restore back health to a very good friend of mine. You did. Subsequently I have attended your Sydney practice for various back complaints and have always enjoyed fantastic results with Celia Minchuk.

A few weeks ago my sister, who lives in Kent, told me that her 16 year-old daughter Molly had been diagnosed with a herniated disc, degeneration of the disc (I'm not sure if it's the same disc) a trapped sciatic nerve and pressure on the thecal sac. My sister has taken Molly to a back specialist who has told her that he believes that there is only a 20% chance of surgery being the remedy. I remembered that you had a London practice and told my sister about your work thinking that Molly could come and see you in London. However after looking online it doesn't seem that you still have a London practice.

Molly is about to do her end of school year exams and will be having some kind of epidural shot to manage her back pain. I'm about to go to the UK for a month and thought I would contact you for advice about what can be done to give Molly the best chance of remedy for the long term.

I leave on Saturday 4 May. My email address is: victoria@bluecatpictures.com.au
My australian mobile is: 0412 329 854

I am also on Skype and perhaps we could arrange a skype conversation with you and Molly and her mother whilst I'm staying with them. I am sending my sister your book Back Suffers' Bible but in the meantime would love to know whether you would be available for a skype call sometime next week.

thank you

Victoria Treole

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May 16, 2013
16 year old with back pain
by: Sarah says:

Hello Molly,
I can see her in London. You can contact my Sydney clinic and find out when you can see me on +61 2 92478626
Meanwhile, having sent her the book, get her started on using the BackBLock. That is a must! Student years play havoc with backs. Meanwhile check out the section on 'spinal scoliosis' on www.simplebackpain.com because it is here that I say it is unusual for one so young to be this laid up with back pain.
Here is the link:
I am also featured in an article in 'The Times' in the UK tomorrow, on Saturday 18th May about exactly what we are discussing here: children with back pain. Tell them in the UK to watch out for it!

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